The Ashtech ADU800, a 6D positioning system providing position + orientation. It a three antenna GNSS system employing “on-the-fly” integer ambiguity resolution techniques using carrier phase measurements from the three on board GNSS receivers to provide instantaneous 3D attitude information. In addition to the 3D attitude, the main GNSS board of the ADU800 is providing a 3D position up to centimeter-level accuracy in RTK mode.
Key Features:

  • Real time 6D GNSS positioning system
  • 3D position up to centimeter level
  • 3D attitude information:
  • Heading, Pitch and Roll
  • Smart and rugged design for easy integration and demanding environments
  • Ashtech Z-Blade Technology
  • GNSS-centric engine
  • GLONASS-only capable

Download our ADU800 datasheet here.